Is Mauritius Truly That Awesome?

I have to say, that my feelings upon visiting Mauritius are a bit mixed. I liked it but probably was not absolutely wowed to say "I have to come back".

This feeling i had in South Africa and Norway (where i think i really belong to)

It is a mix of cultures, for a while you might feel like you are in India (i would call it India level one) with all the mess along the roads, dogs running around, people wearing colourful clothing and just sitting anywhere they please. Then you are on a beach (over the weekend) and you are dragged into a street party of the locals who gathered their entire family for some barbecue and dancing.

The island is relatively small it´s only an hour by car from one side to another. We travelled in February which is the biggest and hottest season. Our temperatures were around 31°C, but the humidity is insane. I´ve never been in such a humid climate and so you might be like, please ... but in South Africa, we had 36 even 38 and i was doing better compared to Mauritius.


Anyhow ...

When it comes to money their currency is MUR = Mauritius rupee and you won´t succeed with euros nor dollars. Food is relatively cheap and the good part is, that the street food here is save. I am a person with a very sensitive stomach and digestive system and i was more than pleased with what i got to eat.

Most of these street stores even have a Tripadvisor account and collect reviews, so you can check them beforehand. For example, my vegetarian samosa cost only 100 MUR, a meal in a Kreol restaurant for two with drinks and a shared dessert was 360 MUR.

Even accommodation is affordable if you are not looking to stay in hotels by the beach. So the only costly thing on this trip is the ticket really.

Make sure to first figure out what you want from the trip. Saying it, because even though the island is small there are different conditions and weather on each side of the island and the centre even has its own microclimate.

West is calm with almost no wind, no waves, therefor perfect for snorkelling and kids. But there is a lot of boats along the coast and you have to be careful when going further to see the actual corals. It is also quite crowded due to the capital city of Port Louis and "party town" Grand Bay.

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The east is windy (so you don´t feel the strength of the sun, which is tricky), with waves and currents. Those are pretty strong in some places. Couple swimming tempos and i was of the course. Makes it hard to enjoy typical beach time or a swim session.

What we unfortunately never did, was to visit the national park with the waterfalls and lookouts, that is a big shame, but you cannot possibly make it all if you want to relax as well as get to know the place.

What we did manage was to get a spot on a catamaran boat. 6 hours of sailing and snorkelling, which sounded incredible and eventually felt even better.

It took us an hour and a half to get to Flat Island, where we ultimately felt like in a paradise. Long white beaches the turquoise water filled with corals and fish and palm trees around it all. We had two hours to snorkel there and then we boarded again for some buffet lunch of mixed salads and grilled fish. We still got some time and so we were jumping from the boat and eventually even swimming with turtles!! A live, huge, wild turtle ... i almost chocked how i was smiling under the water, i was sooo incredibly happy and grateful at that moment.

Then we continued to another island to do some more snorkelling jus in deeper waters, where they actually fed the fish so we can get some closer look.

The entire day was accompanied by drinks and very kind crew, that took very good care of us.


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