How to deal with travel itch when you can´t travel

Travelling is by far the best we can do with our time and money, at least according to me. But sometimes we have lack of one or another asset, or something like a global pandemic pay us a visit.

But what to do with the itching desire to pack your back and leave? What to do when one wants to travel so badly, but currently cannot?

Here are some tips, that might help you to get through it, before you are able to fly.

Watch travel documentaries or Youtube travel videos

We do not want to support you in a day after day in front of your TVs or computers, but sometimes can be interesting to watch some documentary about the country you wanna travel to or traveller suggestions about some specific places that are worth travelling to. You can get to know the country or city before you even get there.


Do an online experience with Airbnb

Airbnb is not just about accommodation, but about experiences as well and now with all the restrictions or lock-downs they came up with online experiences. May be an amazing alternative for you to walk the streets of Venice or cooking some delicious Indian meal. (registering through this link will give you a discount for experiences as well as for accommodation on Airbnb)

Plan your next trip

With all the knowledge you gained from the videos you can well plan your next trips. Get down to it, now you have the time in your hands to explore and find the cheapest accommodation (grab the discount for Airbnb), the best way to travel, find places with the most amazing views and restaurants with the most delicious food.


Travel virtually

Having this opportunity in the 21. century is pretty insane. You can take the good old google map pin guide to take you places or you can watch some worldwide live webcams, see some worldwide 360° spectacular views, you can even Blow some bubbles, over Andie & Mike’s bubble cam in their Florida backyard. You click a button online and you can see the 15s stream of bubbles. Insane!If the Czech Republic is what you are planning or are interested in then here you can see some 360° photos of some beautiful places in this country.


Sort out your photos and do some prints.

I am sure you have lots of photos of your travels or past trips. Make sure to do order in them. Get them from your phone to a secured place and maybe sort them according to a year, destination or place and so on. Like this, you will get see how many places you actually got the chance to see (may help, once you doubt you´ve done enough) and go through the experiences again. Remind yourself the funny occasions, the romantic places, the dramatic twists ...

And why not to fill your house with these photos? Print them out as bedside table photos or huge ones as a livingroom art. We have converted some of our photos into posters and now you are able to buy them too!

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