guide to successful Instagram is an e-book with 37 pages to help you boost the Instagram game.

Whether you are starting A business or wanna strive as a booming influencer, there are couple things you should be aware of.
We are giving away some basic, yet often times over looked tips on how to rock the gram, to get your followers or customers.

Hashtags, analytics, photo tips and much more

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Are you ready to start pitching to hotels for your influencer collaboration and essentially free nights?

In our E-Book we tell you all the tips and must do´s for your success. We even included the exact email we used to send to hotels, that got us collabs

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how to pitch to hotels for free night as an influencer

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Travel photography 

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Paper Diary


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Arrive to Prague without stress.

How to get from the airport and how much the tickets cost? This and more is inside.


Lightroom Presets 

members of our travel community adjust their photos with  2 of our lightroom presets for free.

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