The Most Common Travel Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

Some of the travel mistakes i will write about, are just a minor inconvenience, depends of course how you see it, but others might absolutely ruin your travel experience, trip or vacation.
Nonetheless, they are all all important reminders of what NOT to do when you travel.

Packing more than you need

The first mistake you should avoid is pretty obvious, yet happens all the time as people tend to pack way more than they need. Especially girls right? You want to take all the cool bikini, dresses, shoes etc., but it’s just not practical. Half way through the trip you realize, you didn't wear half of the things, that are in your bag!

Capsule wardrobe is the best for this and of course planning ahead. Pack such things, that you can combine in more than one way and focus on light weight clothing.

Here is a tip - lay out everything you would want to take with and at the end get rid of a third of it.

The Most Common Travel Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

Not checking entry requirements beforehand

It is as simple as that - No visa, no vacation. And that is something you want to prevent. Depends on where you are from of course as the requirements differ. Some countries can issue a "quick" visa right at the airport, but it also can be more expensive or require you to stand in long ques.

But there are countries, where you HAVE TO apply online several days ahead and fill out a questionnaire.

Another warning is, that most countries require your passport to be valid for at least 6 months, so double-check the expiration date otherwise you might not be allowed into the country and let me tell you, that after several hours on the plane, turning around on spot and going home is the last thing you really want!