16 tips for side hustle to make extra money

Who would not like to make some side hustle, to earn some extra money to their full time job. Whether you are saving for dream holiday, for a gap year or a future house, there is plenty of ways to make some extra cash. We just have to hustle and sometimes say no to TV and other distracting elements.


Can be performed in form of travel. There is several sites for it such as TrustedHousesitters.com, HouseCarers.com, MindMyHouse.com and others. Housesitting is usually for free, on the other hand imagine how much you save, when you travel with free accomodation like that. It can be for only a week, but also for as long as a month or three.

Pet or Child sitter

Have a look in your neighborhood or register on a local website. If you want to take it further, become an aupair abroad.


Are you good in some school subject, accounting, languages or something, that others might struggle with and will be happy for your help and classes? Go for it!

Sell webinars or e-books

As we spoke about tutoring, you might have some skill, that would be of interest for somebody else. You can either create and sell an e-book about this or give an online lessons, along with some webinar or so.

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Are you good with your camera? You can sell your photography to Shutterstock, Alamy and many more websites. You can even transfer them into posters and sell them like a wall art on Etsy.

Rent a house, appartment, car ...

You might own some things, that other do not. It could be a car, that you are not using that often and someone would love to go for holiday. Or a room for somebody travelling to your destination. Every country or a continent have dedicated website, just put it into google and start earning.

Part time before Christmas

If you have a shopping mall close by, you might be in luck. Ask some favorite stores if they are hiring for Christmas season (do it soon, like summer even). Stores are usually hiring a lot of part time workers to help them with the wrapping, customer care and much more.


In many countries you can donate blood/plasma/eggs (this one is for woman only obviously) for money. Have a look at it. you do something good and get some cash for it.

Create products

You might be good at making clothing/bags/jewelry/stationary. Try to put them on etsy.com for example and see how your little online store will do.

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Social media

You can either become an influencer and start earning money from brand collaborations or you can help small businesses to take care of their social media. Often times they want to spend time with products and customers and do not have the time to do the gram.


There is a lot of companies, that need copywriters to have a look at what they wrote. If you are good with grammar, go for it.

Writting a book/article

Some people have written stories, that are laying in their drawers. You might not believe me, but some of them could really be good! You can either self publish a book and sell to your followers, try to pitch to a publisher or to certain magazines or newspapers to write for them. Who knows, you might be the new Carrie Bradshaw.

Sell your stuff

Do not try to tell me, that you need it all. You don´t i am sure. There is a skateboard, old lamp, second toaster, clothing that does not fit, books you won´t read again ... just take photos of it and sell it. You would be surprised how many things people "need" i once sold a head scratch tool (do not ask me why i had it)! You gain money and declutter your house that is a win win situation.

How to make some side hustle