On-board essentials for (not just) a long haul flight - what should you pack?

There are couple of essential things to take on board, that i never leave without.

I am sure you never want to say what if or i should have. Make sure to have a look at these travel essential for spending hours on board of an aircraft.

You should know that the air on an airplane is really dry. An by dry i mean there is only 10% humidity and Sahara has 25% just btw. This air comes mainly from an air-conditioning system and might carry some dust with as well. Therefor i never travel with a full on make up and if i make sure to bring a make up remover and a moisturizer. Especially us women i bet you do not want to arrive to your destination like a dry piece of raisin to start your holiday.

On-board essentials for (not just) a long haul flight - what should you pack?



As i wrote, i highly doubt you want your skin to be gray and dry, we all want to look young with a radiant skin. In this case i can recommend you to drink a lot of water BOTTLED - if you want to know more detail about the water on board READ here

For the nigh flights, make sure that you have a little bottle of your favorite make up remover and to follow the routine with thick moisturizing cream. trust me, your face will thank you later.

During the day it is good to be using the face-mist sprey and sprinkle it on your face at least once per hour (i do it twice).

And do not forget about your lips, as they are even more sensitive due to the very thin skin that covers them. Skip the long lasting and waterproof products for your lips and treat them to some lip balm or at least a lip gloss.