5 Love Languages - How to understand each other

Are you constantly fighting with your partner and have the feeling that he or she just do not understand what you want from them? Or another thing is that you might not feel the affection or love from the other person that you would like.

You might just be speaking a different love language than your partner, who does not fully understand you, or vice versa.

5 Love Languages - How to understand each other
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The principle is, that there are five languages that we, as humans use. Every person needs a different way of affection and has a different type of understanding. Therefore we should learn, for our own sake, how to speak your partner´s love languages. Believe me, that it will do miracles with your relationship!

Below here you can see a table of all of the languages and some little ways you can remind your partner just how loved he or she is, based on their primary love language. It will help you with what to do, what to say and what to avoid.