How to survive the lockdown as a couple

Many couples are now in a position that they have never been before and that is spending 24/7 together, oftentimes in small apartments.

From the start, it might have all maybe seem like a good idea you know, plenty time together finally seeing each other, not just over dinner or at the door, but as this thing continues now for almost a year, things may have changed.

No matter how much you love each other, spending every hour of every day in the same space can get tough. So how can you survive the lockdown together and still maintain a happy relationship?

How to survive the lockdown as a couple, what are strong couples doing to have a lasting relationship. MnK International lifestyle travel couple blogger from Prague


Some relationships can get even stronger thanks to this, some need a little effort to survive. Even though we cope with this all really well, there are occasions, where i really need my space or i would seriously do something to him! Mathew is loud! Especially when he played computer games with his friends and unfortunately our computers are next to each other, so try to do your work, when the table is shaking, cause he is laughing and try to think properly, when he screams something like MEDIC, when they play some army games.

Spend time apart

I know this one may seem difficult as you’re stuck together in the same home and you can’t exactly go out anywhere but there are few things.

You can work in a different room and do different activities at home. It does not mean, you have to do everything together, now when you are together. During normal days you have your activities as well as your partner, so take this time for yourself and do what you have to or want to. Spend some time apart and then ...