Why not to set resolutions but goals

Every time January 1st comes around, people go crazy about all of the things they want to change ... either stop or start doing such as:

I will never eat sweet stuff again

I will exercise every day of the week

I will stop being jealous and arguing

I will read more

I will start new course

Just try to scroll through any social media and people will give you HUNDREDS of ‘New Year’s Resolution Ideas for you to pick and choose from. Gym memberships are definitely on top of the iceberg, healthy cookbooks disappear off the shelves of bookstores and all sorts of sugary food ends up in bin. Journals are filled with all sorts of promises we make to ourselves and the people around us. Unfortunately up to 80% of people give up by the second month.

Why you should not set resolutions but goals


3 reasons why you should set goals over resolutions:

New Year´s Resolutions are too big and big dreams are achieved by millions of tiny little things.

1. Purpose – Goals help you live intentionally. When we make goals they give us clear objectives and take us beyond hoping to actual achievement.

Set goals to prioritize the important things. If you know what you’re working towards you can make better informed choices to meet your goals. Living a life with purpose means figuring out the things that mean the most to you and pursuing those things. What are you passion about