Travelling while pregnant, the do´s and dont´s.

You might be pregnant during the summer and you are asking yourself, whether it is safe or good to go for a summer vacation, while expecting.

And the answer is YES you can definitely travel during pregnancy and no need to skip the beach time this year. However, there is couple things you should keep in mind and that is what we write about.

Travelling during pregnancy, the do´s and dont´s.
Travelling during pregnancy, the do´s and dont´s.


How do you feel?

First and foremost ask yourself, how you feel. Whether you would feel comfortable travelling, in a foreign country and how much you are able to do according to the size of your belly, any pains and other things. Second, consult this with your doctor. If you have pregnancy with no issues, medication or hospital visits, you should be good to go.

When is it late to go?

I have travelled by car to Italy when i was 34 weeks (mid 8months) pregnant and i was fine, BUT my belly was small, i did not drive, i took it very easy and on the negative side, insurance companies do not insure you this far in your pregnancy, so if there was anything that would happen or the labor would start early, i would have to pay for it all (and oh boy that would be a lot).

Airlines also have limitations for boarding pregnant women, for example Emirates takes up to 29 weeks on the other hand Lufthansa up to 36weeks without a medical letter. So always check before you book the flight.