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The best views of Prague

I do not know if it is just us, but each time and where ever we go, we love to find some view points, rooftops, roof bars or hills, just to get that image from the top and see everything like on a palm of your hand. Might also be my passion for heights and flying.

But where are the best places to see Prague from above? Let´s have a look at them together.


is a historic fort close to red line - therefore well reachable for any one who wants to visit. The park is open without any admissions and you can simply chill here on a grass, armchair or even the fortress walls (if you don´t fall down) and have some great views. There is also a church to visit and some refreshment spots. Do not choose the one right by the church as that is twice the price, than the one which is closer to the entrance (turn right in front of a small round church)

Stone Bell house

A place that not many people know about and there for calmer than the opposite astronomical clock - though that one is higher and you can see the castle. Here the entrance is 120,- as they hold an exposition here but the ages old walls and nice courtyard are worth the visit.

The Žižkov TV tower

From some points in Prague you might have seen this tall, thin, grey, possibly ugly more of a structure than a building and that is a TV tower. BUT! You can come here to a bar, restaurant as well as into an observation deck and have such awesome sunset above Prague like we did.

No worries there are no steps, you will be taken to the top by an elevator and so you can take your grandparents with.

Mblem Hotel Spa

Found this spot when i was looking for some birthday surprise for Mathew and the views blew us away! Mblem is a luxury hotel close to the Old Town square and they have Spa on the very last floor with a balcony with seating and Jacuzzi that is used privately. So you can lay in the whirlpool, sip on your champagne, watch the surrounding rooftops and most importantly the sunset over the Prague castle (if you book it for the sunset hour of-course)

The dancing house

Some call it an ugly structure, that is interfering with the historical buildings around, but we personally don´t really mind it. There is more to the building, like a super expensive restaurant, exhibition and gallery space, but when you take the elevator to the very top, there is a bar with a small terrace. The entrance is paid BUT if you get yourself something to drink, which can easily be a semi-cheap coke, then the entrance is "free". From here you are able to see the Prague castle, the National Theater and the other side of the river with the hill Petřin.

Old Town Bridge Tower

If you really want the tower experience, than skip the overcrowded astronomical clock and rather head to Charles Bridge. To enter this bridge you have to walk through a tower gate, now on the left side you will see a tiny little door, that many people skip. But thanks to this blog post you might find it. You can go to down to see all the things that people are able to drop to the river or, you can go to the very top and have some amazing view of the bridge it self and again the Prague castle.


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