Recently i took a flight from Prague to Cape town and wanted to write down some my experiences with Swiss airlines as well as a short review of the Zurich airport.

The idea of packing a bag and heading to the airport and feeling like one of those lucky people who are going somewhere is a super tempting idea of which my girlfriend can relate to.

My trip back home was something of a last minute, but I landed up with 2 really good flight offers. One from Swiss /Edelweiss airline and another from Austrian Airline. Both boasting a good offer, but I decided upon Swiss Airlines one.

Unfortunately while booking the tickets i never saw, that this flight had more than 12 hours layover! Not something which shouts ohhh yeaah, when it is a night layover! If it was during the day i could possibly go to the city and explore a bit, but as with previous experience of flying, sleeping on airport benches and chairs is not the greatest idea ever! So I landed paying something like 95CHF for a Airport Hotel room. You better book it in advance and you have more options such as bed in a shared room or a private room with or without window.

From Prague to Zurich it was a decent two hours long flight with no issues, was provided water and orange juice, apple pie and a chocolate (thanks for flying with Swiss Airline)…it was pretty good!

My layover in Zurich was pretty cool too. The airport is modern and a lot to see all while trying to get to ones gate. Best part is the transfer rail which is interesting as the music or sounds played and it makes you feel like you’re in the mountains. Cow´s bell ringing you know, I even think there was a yodel in there too!

So after arriving at my gate and having some time to spare I landed up freshening up a bit for a long flight and seeing what snacks I can get, for when one gets picky! One thing I noticed was that one can buy a swiss army knife in a duty free store and wondered how is that a safe idea! I mean..if I couldn’t sneak a knife in to take over a plane I mean here’s where I would be able to gain that with no security been able to do a thing, and even if they zip it up in a duty free bag what stops you from breaking it out and doing a takeover mission!?

As we were for sometime up in the air already they started serving food, which was ok i would say. A little bummer was, that one needs to pay for the beer and wine. Other airlines have that for free but it seems the catch with flying with Swiss Air was, the drinks there where free but with edelweiss not! The price is usually high and i did not need it that much and so i sticked to orange juice and water.

Anyhow overall the flight was average, nice part was being able to just go stretch your leg in the back galley maybe strike up a conversation to not feel weird of wanting to grab some juice and water and snacks before trying again to sleep as much as one could.

On the flight back i was lucky enough to grab an entire row. The flight was half empty and so we all could get a bit more comfortable and i actually got some sleep.

I mean if anyone asked I would have been more than happy to share the 4 seats but no-one did so guess who slept like a KING!!!!?? Me who had space Me! Who arrived in a good condition at Zurich guessed it me! But not a brag here if you can why not right?! Otherwise in total the trip back was really nice which included a better meal and ice cream super yummi btw below I shared abit more of the pics I took and the meal and snacks I got.

Next time you fly be safe and keep yourself strapped in!


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