Street food places in Prague

Art&Food ZOOna

We have found this place actually by a coincidence when we went for a walk to the other bank of the river in Prague. It used to be a brewery, standing right next to the Prague ZOO, where all of the crowds are heading. We found ourselves in sort of an industrial place with some good wine and amazing burgers, with the atmosphere to relax and chit chat.

Really nice spot with interesting food stands, open only on the weekends.

Manifesto Anděl

This place opened for this summer and to my information it should close down sometime during this autumn, So hurry up and go to check it out. It is well hidden place where you do not need any cash! Which is great for us, we never have change in our pockets, always cards. If the temperature gets high you can soak your legs in the pool that is here. Doggies are also accepted, just keep them close on your leash ;)

Manifesto Florenc

This street food market is the most known and open through out the year. We wrote about this place already last year, when we visited it during the Christmas for mulled wine and some very pretty atmosphere. The stores are different though and you can now see some really nice flowers, wooden products as well as international food and even a barber store.