Long Distance Love - Story of my life

People travel every day. They pass hours in their car to go to work, kilometers on a train for some adventure, and they cross the whole sky on a plane to chase their holiday dreams. Moving from place to place is in our blood as we used to constantly discover new lands, islands and even the entire continents, and therefore it is no wonder that people continue in this. Everything is a bit faster and more accessible. When we have the whole world in our hands and we are able to be on the very opposite of our planet in only one day, then it is only a matter of time before we bump into someone special. Someone we´ve been looking for in our neighborhood. I suppose nobody wants to be alone, we're all looking for the right counterpart we could laugh with, cry with support and live a beautiful life until the very last wrinkle.

I never had a crowd of boys waiting for me to go out with them. I was not the prettiest creature around (it improved a little bit i´d say) my big nose, forehead as big as a runway strip completed with very crooked teeth. I did not have a high opinion about myself, so I was reluctant to any possible romance. I was first kissed only when i was seventeen, and something I could call a relationship, I did not have until my twentieth. I've never felt anything special about anyone, and that's why I was surprised that i cared about this skype boy and after just three months of chatting knew more about him, than many others know about their partner after years of relationship. This friendship was strange and meant a lot to me. I needed to talk to him daily, to know his opinion, to see his smile. His travels from South Africa brought him to Sweden from where it was only a conviction and a low-cost flight away from me.

We met. At the airport. At my very favorite place in the world, we met for the first time, and I was nervously knocking my knees so hard that I was barely able to walk. All the way from home to the airport I was wondering what the hell was i even doing at all! Someone from the other end of the world, whom I know only from skype, will come to meet me, so i can show him Prague. What if I do not really understand him and he's a jerk. I had nothing to lose though, so I continued with nervousness. Once I saw him, looking around in the arrival hall, I felt lost. When his eyes found me, I suddenly found myself in one of those dreadfully romantic movies that I always hated so much. Those passages where everything stops, silences, and cameras focus only on the two main heroes. Their gaze and slow gait, that take away the last few meters between them.

On my arrival, I also thought about how should we even greet each other? What do I do, give him a hand to shake as two strangers from different corners of the planet type of thing, or do we hug as old friends who know so much about each other? …..

Do you want to know how the story continues?


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