Should you become an au-pair?

You might be a student who just finished school and is wondering where to go next. University might not be the thing and you don´t really feel like getting into the wheel of interviews and a job.

Or the other way around you may have lost a job or a girlfriend/boyfriend or you are just craving to travel and try something new. This was me and that is why a became au-pair.

I lost my job, i had my boyfriend overseas .. sort of lost my hopes as all i was planning just wasn´t happening. I had that need to leave and there for i wanted to combine my passion for travel and languages.

Started looking at agencies, but all of them needed registration fee, placement fee or other bullsh* fee and i was sorta afraid to pay up front nor i had that amount of money to start with.

I came across the Aupairworld website and started looking randomly. Everybody goes to UK or US, but i had mountains in mind, something like Italy.

Everything happend so quickly. Within a month i started as a new au-pair in Italy, Bormio. We had like two skype calls before my arrival, with some details and about the family it self and i was ready to go.

If you never visited Bormio and you are fan of skiing and the Alps, then i am sure you would love it there. As much as i did. From the moment i came i had a good feeling about it and that was important! Family was super kind and nice and not just the direct family, but also their relatives and grandma. All of them truly accepted me to their family.

I got my own room with mountain view and a private bathroom, we discussed money and my free Sundays and the other day i woke up at 7 a.m. already to take care of two kids aged 2 and 4.

I won´t lie that it was always easy. Kids can be moody, kids can be ill as well as you might fall with fever. You might get home sick or little depressed, especially when the sun is not shining during the short winter days, hiding behind the mountains. In a small town like that i did not even have any friends, so it was truly just me. But the town and the family has a special place in my heart for good.

We are still in touch even though it´s been couple years now and visited each other. It´s funny to see the kids grow and heart warming, when they actually remember you.

So yes! I would totally recommend you to take this leap of faith and go try it. Some families want just a short term help, so if you are not sure, you can go for only three month and see if this is something for you. Thanks to short contracts you can even see several countries.


#aupair #childcare #livingabroad

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