Write a perfect and searchable Instagram BIO

Your Instagram bio is one of the first things you should do, when starting a new Instagram account.

Thankfully, it can be changed regularly as you or you business evolve.

Your Instagram bio should be strategically crafted to be able to attract your future clients, encourage new users to follow you and send traffic to your site (blog etc.)

How to write perfect and searchable Instagram BIO


Headline (the bold line in your bio) is SEARCHABLE! Oh yes! That means your really want to have some keywords, that not just describe your business, but also are searchable for potential customers. Do not mistaken it for your bio, which is not searchable, only your username and headline.

So ask yourself - what is my target market and what these people might be searching for

For example, if you're a fitness trainer your target market might be searching 'fitness coach' or 'fitness trainer'.

By adding any of these key words to your headline you'll instantly capture the attention of tons of potential customers!

In comparison, if your headline is your first and last name (which Instagram sets as the default) you will miss 100% of the people searching for the terms I mentioned above.

You can edit your headline by simply going to yo