Review of the year 2019

Started doing recaps of the past year only recently. When you stand on the edge of the previous year and the new one you might feel, like one chapter is closing, some may get frustrated, that they never did all they wanted or nothing at all. This is why i do the recap because i know that the human brain is more likely to forget a lot and very quickly. We are simply dragged in the river of our life and with the flow, we forget all the small things we did and that what counts

I have to say, that i am most proud of myself, that i got out of my shy and "not-believing-into-myself" shell and landed up having side job (and income) in another industry. I get to meet new people, visit new places, try new things and in my free time do what i love the most.

This year was also in the name of a loss, where i was written of the friend list of one´s and Mathew sadly lost his father.

Overall though we had a happy year filled with love and joy, without fights in our relationship and also got to visit some incredible and new places i am so grateful for!


(full blog on Tuscany here)

This was a beautiful, peaceful and so relaxed trip. We arrived on Valentine´s day (without having roses dinners and so on, as that is not our thing) and the flow of the Tuscan life and the views and the food, ah .... Italy is and always will be something special for us. Wish i could describe to you the feeling i have even when writing about it. Italy is like our second home and this was like a return to our soil. Everything worked out so well, we did not have any troubles along the way, we did not get lost (we are specialists in these fields)

SPINDLERUV MLYN (Czech mountains)

(Hotel review in this mountain town)

We are definitely mountain people. We love to wake up early and see the fog laying on top of the trees. To take walks with the fresh air and find some viewpoint where you feel like on the top of the world. Czech mountains are beautiful and we love to spend our time there, it is close to where we live and we are able to take our dog to run around as well. And when you find a great hotel, where the staff is more like a distant family to you, you just feeling prolonging your stay. You might be laughing, but i always wanted to do one thing in a hotel and that was to just pick up the phone from my room and tell them, that i am staying longer. And i did it here.

in case you are planning to come to the Czech republic, give these mountains a chance, do not stay only in the crowded city of Prague, there is so much more to see :)


St. Moritz in Switzerland was a very quick and short trip i did not even write about (now when i think of it i probably should!) Now and then we do a trip, after which we say never again, those are overnight bus trips. Yes it is cheap and we get to see some more places so its like 50-50. But a night on a bus is nothing to scream for.

Have you heard of the glacier express? We did it! We took the Bernina panorama train trip from Italian Tirano to St.Moritz. Thanks to the big windows we were able to see lakes, mountains and glaciers without moving from our seat.


(read more about our trip here)

Norway was my dream and bucket list and even though it is in Europe i thought i would not make it. Luck was standing by my side, when cheap tickets appeared i simply grabbed them and i am telling you, that this was definitely not the last time. This country (even though we did not understand a thing) stole our heart. Slightly differently than Italy, but maybe because this was our first time. But the long strips of green land, cute red houses without fencing, very kind (and damn fit) people, beauty of the fjords and actually minimum people and noises of any kind ... we felt like in heaven. After a buzzing Prague that is constantly on the move, this was like a remedy on our nerves. Cold and ruff nature along with incredible sunsets over the ocean.


I am forever grateful, that Mathew is South African. If it wasn´t for that i would have probably never seen Cape Town. This was my second visit and even though i was a bit hesitant this time and did not know what to expect, all worked out so perfectly and we had such nice even romantic (unplanned) moments. It was a relaxed and warm almost three weeks long trip, that set me into a very good mood.


Our year was wrapped up at my parent's cottage in the lower mountains, where we spent some time with our family. We could not ask for a better ending of our year, where everybody is healthy together and doing well.



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