Our romantic barn wedding

After planning and photographing weddings of other people i was finally able to prepare my own. We got engaged after nine years on February the 28th just one day before the total lockdown, where we were not able to even cross the region borders.

Mathew had it planned differently, but like to many others, his plans were ruined by covid.

Nonetheless we started planning petty much immediately and wanted to have wedding that year summer 2021, which some people found like rushing, but this is how we felt it and wanted it.

We both love outdoors, nature, rustic things and that like real life feeling of a small group of people just enjoying a pretty day and that is why a barn with a garden won our hearts.

The venue was pretty much ready to roll, we did not need much decor, because it was beautiful just the way it was, not far from Prague and with cozy rooms for our guests to see them the next day on a after wedding breakfast :)