How to practise Hygge

I think that this word "Hygge" - pronounced "Hooga", has become very popular last year and nowadays you can see it simply everywhere. But what it truly is?

It does not really have a word equivalent but i think that it could be translated like "cozy warm feeling" Now you can certainly have that without labelling, but i am here just to explain and talk about it.

You can experience Hygge in so many ways and in so many things, it is some sort of status of your mind as well. But it is usually experienced at home.

As i read the beautiful book “The Little Book of Hygge,” there are 10 elements in the hygge manifesto. You don’t need each of these to experience hygge, but the more you have, the more hygge-like the situation is.

Atmosphere: A hygge-like atmosphere has low lighting with lots of candles

Presence: There’s an emphasis on being fully present. No phones, no computers, no distractions.

Pleasure: Hygge is about enjoying simple pleasures like hot drinks, cakes and cookies.

Equality: A hygge-like gathering makes sure no one person takes on too much of the talking or the responsibility. Everyone gets to share, and everyone helps.

Gratitude: This is about appreciating the moment and taking it in. Find joy in these simple moments

Harmony: While being present, remember it’s not a competition. There’s no need to convince anyone of anything. Things just flow.

Comfort: In order to hygge, you have to be comfy. Comfortable clothes and furniture and a comfortable environment are important.

Truce: At a hygge-like event, you don’t talk about divisive topics.

Togetherness: Hygge can be done alone, but it’s best in small groups.

Shelter: Ultimately, beyond the atmosphere and the treats, hygge is about feeling safe. You’re with people who care for you in a place where you feel safe and secure.

In one woman magazine´s article, i read, that Hygge cannot be experienced by vegetarians or vegans. As it is also about greasy full meals such as meat, butter and so on. But there are no rules to this danish concept, anybody can find themselves having Hygge moments. And i can, as a plant-based person, also enjoy cookies with tea, while reading a book and having scented candles around.

So how do you Hygge?

It is about what makes you feel at home, warm, cozy, relaxed and happy.

Make sure to have something yummy to chew on, whether it being chocolate, cake or biscuits and pair it with something nice to drink. It does not have to be only warm drinks such as coffee, tea or hot chocolate, but even wine. Also, be warm, take thick sox, warm and comfortable clothing, that gives your body enough space to move around and maybe have a spare blanket on your couch, just in case.

Hygge is about soft light coming from a table lamp, it is about candlelight maybe with some nice scent to them like vanilla or cinnamon.

Spend your time with people you love and have full conversations, not about work or other negative stuff, but talk about your common happy moments, achievements, holiday or your bright future plans.



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