Hotel Brosundet, Alesund-Norway

We knew Norway is rather expensive, but despite the fact we started looking for some hotel with a lovely interior as that is what we look for, when considering our stay. What was an ultimate sell point for Hotel Brosundet was the amazing lobby with a huge fireplace right at the bottom, the open space concept, lot of wood in the decor and seating space.

The house used to be a seafront fish storage and treatment warehouse built following a catastrophic fire in 1904.

When you enter this hotel you will ultimately feel like you just entered somebodies house. It has that home and cozy like feeling.

Hotel is located very close to the center of the Alesund and some rooms have incredible views of the bay. It is also not very far from the bus station, if that is your transport from the airport. If you are coming by car, then there is no parking lot, but leaving a car in the surrounding streets is possible free of charge.

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Our greeting at the reception was rather poor "You room is on the 4th floor, enjoy your stay" They immediately deducted my card and we were off. The breakfast hours we learned from a board in an elevator, about "wellness" and fitness we learned from arrows in the lobby. We were not told about the restaurant (without arrows) and about the afternoon tea and cake. In the room there was no booklet, where you can usually find such information.

If we were to add into the flaws of this hotel during our stay, then we went to ask about the sauna. We were told, that it has to be put on for us, so we booked the time for the evening and head out. There was no bathrobe in the room and so we went in our clothing to change there. Unfortunately we did not even see the sauna, as it was not turned on and locked, but we presume it is nothing awesome as the changing rooms and shower area does not copy the style of the hotel at all. We headed to the reception to ask about our booked time and unfortunately we were highly ignored. The other morning, after our polite complaint, we were told i am sorry.

Unfortunately we have to say, that due to all of these above we felt kind of cheated and it would not be the hotel to recommend or to come back to. To rather add, we paid for the hotel with our own money (no press trip)

But not to be completely negative about our stay, we truly loved the interior of how the lobby then the room as well. Wisely chosen colors and materials as well as very comfortable bed. Breakfast had a variety of organic and also local food (such as strawberries from Valldall area), of course some fish and bread and all with candles on the tables and some pretty view of the bay.

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