Are you addicted to your phone?

One study says that we open, go through or just use our technology approximately 2617 times a day! We do not realize, how technology flooded our homes, personal time and also relationships. Even though i have to admit, that some might be more than useful, others may also be harmful. It is good to know when too much is just too much and decide to go for a detox.

The result of constant connection and flooding of information causes burnout, depression and inability to concentrate. People without a phone can no longer leave the house, without getting anxiety. They cannot navigate in nature or even go to the bathroom without holding a mobile phone in their hand.

Honestly, how many times you talked to somebody and kept checking your phone? How many times you eat and either use the phone or think of writing somebody?

Have you ever let your phone die out or just leave behind when going out?

Are you obsessed with your phone?

YES ... when you spend more time on it than intended.

I guess that we all get hooked very easily by the internet and simply get into the loop of reading, commenting, scrolling, sharing and so on. You say 5 mins, but you land up there for hours, easily. Do you feel like the time flies by?

YES ... if you feel guilt or dissatisfaction afterwards.

You might spend your time online for good intentions aka working on a project or reading about self development and wellness, but often time the regret of lost time comes to our minds. If you’re filled with negative emotions, it might be time to ask, was that “time well spent?”

YES ... if fear or the feeling of missing out motivates you.

Your phone or internet itself is full of notifications, invitations, news, updates, messages and others.

There is always something we can be part of or read about, but we cannot possibly be part of it all. We don’t have unlimited space or time nor energy. The sooner we realize this reality, the sooner we’ll focus on what truly matters.

YES ... if you feel the urge to check your phone.

It is known that interruptions lead to delays in completion of any projects and it takes time before we get back to the flow (on 23 minutes)

How many times you feel like checking your phone or turn the screen on just to make sure, there is no new notification?

YES ... if you never have enough time.

It is not hard to feel extremely busy and out of time at the end of the day. Have you done all you wanted or you are postponing for tomorrow cause you ran out of daylight? Could it be, that you spent too much time on the internet?

I have installed an app that tracked my phone usage. And, it was horrible! I had to uninstall it because i could not see the numbers!

We all are busy, but if you could reduce smartphone usage, it would help you feel more calm and efficient.

Taking intentional efforts to take part in a digital detox might free up far more time than you realize for the things that matters most.

Isn’t that the real goal of all this? To live a life that matters, because it is in our hands?

How to do the DIGITAL DETOX?

post comming soon


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