Mountain cottage lifestyle | Hygge

We love autumn. It´s always full of colors, the nice smell of wood, good and rich food and just imagine the picturesque fog coming from the forest and covering the mountains.

You can pick some last fruits and be wrapped in a blanket all day long by the fireplace.

Here is just handful of photos to bring you the right Hygge autumn atmosphere and maybe to inspire your path.

Mountain cottage lifestyle | Hygge
Mountain cottage lifestyle | Hygge

Creating something, you will then use at home, out of wood or plants, that you just harvested from the garden / field / forest, is so soothing. Working or creating something with your hands can help you to calm down, lower stress level. Overall it makes people happy.

Hygge cottage lifestyle woodwork
Hygge cottage lifestyle woodwork
Hygge cottage lifestyle woodwork
Hygge cottage lifestyle
Hygge cottage lifestyle levander
Hygge cottage lifestyle york puppy
Hygge mountain lifestyle forest
Hygge cottage lifestyle walnuts
Hygge cottage lifestyle walnuts

Take a thick sweater, maybe even a scarf and go for a walk to see the wonderful colors of autumn. Make sure to have tea, wine or a mug of hot chocolate ready, when you come back home and enjoy it accompanied with your loved ones, some games or an interesting book.

Hygge moment woman with tea
Hygge mountain lifestyle viewpoint

YOUTUBE video from our weekend

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Mountain cottage lifestyle | Hygge
Mountain cottage lifestyle | Hygge

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