Cafe Mozart in Prague

This was a very nice surprise from Mathew, that he took me for a three course dinner in to such a nice place on an absolutely great spot! Our table was right by a window which was fully open and we could directly see the astronomical clock and hear the nice bells each hour.

Restaurant is equipped with furniture to evoke the renaissance era and the typical cuckoo clocks are just everywhere. when you enter you have the feeling of a cafe, but when you check their menu ( which is actually given to you on a electronic tab) you re-assure your self that this is a restaurant as well and cake is not the only thing you can get here.

Although the variety of sweets is very nice, we decided to start with a yummie starter which was a Selection of Cheeses (goat, manchego, pecorino) with Fig Marmalade and Walnuts for me and Fried Jalapenos Peppers Filled with Cheddar for Mathew.

As we love to eat, we obviously tried the main meal as well. Wasn´t really hard for me as they offer salmon which i love more than smarties :D So my food was Grilled Salmon with Avocado Salsa, Rucola Salad and Rice, where i have to say the rice was bit misplaced. It just did not go together with the salmon and was dry so i did not eat it and from what i saw another woman neither as it just did not fit with the salmon.

Mathew´s meal was Salad with Marinated Beef in Herbs, Rucola Salad, Coriander and Lemon Dressing, where the meat was just like a fairy tale - so delicious. But salad bit dry, there could had been more of the dressing.

And how else to finish it than with something sweet. So our dessert was a caramel piece of cake. Delicious not too sweet. If you go there just for a dessert you better try the spaghetti. It´s kind of like a meal ,,Spaghetti Carbonara" but entirely made in the sweet version - Hazelnut ice cream with caramel, egg liqueur, whipped cream and caramel nuts.