Vegan restaurant in Prague-with a view

You might be wondering as where is the best vegan restaurant in Prague to experience not just nice food but also a great atmosphere. And we might have just the place for you to go to. If you are vegan travelling to Prague you should not worry what so ever. We have several cafes and restaurants dedicated to this style of living. We have just recently tried one of them, as we were in the area and they happen to just open for lunchtime.

Možná by vás zajímalo, kde je jedna z nejlepších veganských restaurací v Praze, kde je nejen dobré jídlo, ale i příjemná atmosféra.

A já si myslím, že jsme právě takové místo odzkoušeli. Ať už jste vegan, nebo jen experimentujete a máte rádi matičku Prahue, pak by se vám právě toto místo mohlo líbit.

Nachomítli jsme se ve správný čas v okolí, když právě otevírali a tak jsme si zašli na zkušební oběd.

Vegan restaurant in Prague

We might find some more cool places but so far i can call this one the best for sure. Why? Cause it is in a historical building with a stunning view of the castle from their tiny balcony. This makes the prices slightly higher, true, but we were truly blown away by the taste of it. Sometimes you have vegan restaurants with no idea in it just very simple meals (nothing bad at all), but such you can easily cook at home yourself and so when going out, you probably look for something more special.

Here you can taste the nontraditionally traditional goulash or svickova in vegan version and that is to go for.

We had two drinks and two main meals and paid just under 700 CZK which is like 27 eur.