One day trip from Prague (Telč & Kutná Hora)

We both love Prague, but sometimes it can get truly crowded with all of the tourists. It is so easy and cheap to actually go to explore other towns which are also beautiful for its historical buildings and picturesque squares. Not only that you won´t be fighting in massive groups of people, but you will be able to see the true life, taste the real local food and pay normal and not touristy prices. The amount of cities is rather big. In this blog post, we will show you two of them, which are located in the South and as we travel through my country we will bring you more such inspirational blog posts.


This town is well known for its Italian Renaissance architecture, colourful houses with arcades surrounding the Zachariáš of Hradec Square. You can visit a beautiful and well-preserved chateau, formerly a Gothic castle, with carved wood ceilings and beautiful gardens. Simply choose a restaurant of your choice and enjoy your day with a good meal while overlooking the colourful square. An hour or two visits should be enough.

It is 1:45 by car.

Telc in the czech republic
castle in telc czech republic