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Together we love to share real and raw everyday life and give some value and inspiration to our like-minded audience.


our motto is "Life in our hands" as we believe, that we are the true creators of our life and anything is possible, only if we try.

We write about travel-related content, where we talk about things we personally experienced and can recommend.

We also write about life and couple related content as that is something we go through every day.


Klara and Mathew

We grew up in different states, actually on different continents, as Klara is from the Czech republic and Mathew from South Africa and through a language web site, we found the way to each other.

What was supposed to be an online penpal friendship grew in something stronger and when Mathew arrived to Prague for a week visit a love at first sight happend unexpectedly. He prolonged his stay by another two weeks.

We figured we wanted to be together, so when Mathew´s departure time had come, he left as Klara´s boyfriend already and so the long distance relationship started.

We went through a lot, before we were able to be together, but it was worth it, as now we´ve been living in Prague for 7 years